The Dayboro Community hub is a website.

This website helps you to find all the Dayboro information that is available online. The main objective is to have all the information you need in one place. 

What is on in Dayboro.

If you looking for a business or service in Dayboro, then go to the ONLINE Dayboro & District Business Directory.

This directory is owned and managed by the Dayboro Lions.

(Special thanks go to North Pine Printing).

Scattered Dayboro Community Hubs.

The Township of Dayboro has several websites dedicated to it. Some websites are just hard to find. It is time to provide guidance on how to get to those websites. Get all the information you need in one place. 

Dayboro Community HUB is NOT re-creating.

This hub is not re-creating or repeating what is already “out there”, what it does is “knocking on the door”. The Dayboro Community Hub believes that each business, organisation or sports club in Dayboro maintains their websites. 
There is no need to re-type and re-create information that is already available online. 

How does the Dayboro Community Hub work?

It works like a “vortex”, without the negative side effect of “sucking everything in”.

It works by taking what is already published on: 

  • Facebook, pages dedicated to Dayboro clubs, Dayboro businesses and Dayboro organisations. 
  • Dayboro business pages
  • Dayboro organisation and associations pages. 

The key is NOT TO REPEAT, that simply creates confusion. Each webpage manager will manage the ‘truth’ on their pages. Dayboro Community Hub will not do that. Of course, it will publish and write unique Dayboro Information

Is this something like a Dayboro Community Room?

For now, it is just a “hub”, pulling things together into one place. Doing so without copying or overtake other websites. It complements other websites, not to take them over. 

Is this Dayboro Community Room competing?

No, it is not a competing site. This ” dayboro community room”, if you like, is to service the Dayboro and Surrounding areas, and people who are looking for information about the Dayboro and Surrounding areas. 

This site does not compete with any other sites such as: 

This site guides you to those pages. 
Dayboroinfo will give you some information about the websites it guides you to, and its accuracy of the information. For example, dayboro(dot)com is a business directory site.  Most of the content if not all information appears to be from existing sites and/or locations.

This happens a lot, not something that only dayboro(dot)com does, new sites do this to create content quickly. Often done to make visitors believe the site is the single source of truth. 

Cut and paste from existing sites is wrong, visitors need to be assured that they have ONE SOURCE OF TRUTH.

What about a single Dayboro and Surrounds Page?

ABSOLUTELY, that is the ultimate goal. We hope that the community will adopt this page to become something like that. We build this page, make it available to everybody, and see what happens. 
It is a great compliment if people in Dayboro and the surrounding areas see this page as the Dayboro and Surround page.

Dayboro Community Hub, all information at your finger tips.
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Dayboro Community Hub, all information at your finger tips.
The Dayboro Community hub pulls all information from all sites into one location. Your online guide to all online websites in Dayboro.
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