Dayboro 2020 the journey


Dayboro 2020 is as good a title for a page as any. 

It is no secret that I am not happy about a few things, so under the banner of “STEP UP OR SHUT UP”, let me introduce Dayboro 2020.

How did I come about to do Dayboro 2020? 

The need for:

  1. Dayboro Ideas, a spot to discuss them.
  2. Dayboro Businesses, an online phone book and map. 
  3. What’s on in Dayboro, a spot to promote and plan events Online.
  4. Dayboro Representation, online discussion portal.

Long story short, I got the pleasure to work for and with some of the businesses in town. Spoke to Dayboro residents, visitors and business owners about how they find information about Dayboro. 

These stories boil down to one thing. It is a struggle to find what they are looking for, it became clear, something was missing, and it starts with an “O” and ends with “B” 

I am a Business Architect (, well, was that is. Nowadays I am more a “rocking chair occupier”, let’s just say the brain and memory is not what it used to be. It never will come back, and if any is declining.

I still dwell a bit on my OMG work I loved that stuff, but it is history. Nevertheless, I co-wrote the first Business Architecture exams and have written several industry papers on business architecture. 

I think if I apply some of that knowledge to what I see, it perhaps might help or even spark some ideas. Do not expect all this to be a work of art, it be more a work of fart, I might or might not finish it, time will tell. I just need something to keep my brain ticking over, give me a bit of focus and perhaps I am looking for purpose.

What is missing in Dayboro?

I had a think about that, and without coming across as BOSSY, it appeared quite obvious. SINGLE SOURCE OF THE TRUTH, the together with the consolidation of information.

There are lot’s of great people doing great things, I have the feeling that it is happening (unintentionally) in “isolation” of each other. Everybody is focusing on the operational side of things,  busy with the day-to-day stuff. Instead of popping-up, their heads and have a wider look around. 

It is what we call in the industry “rabbit hole momentum”.

Volunteering is hard work, especially when you have a family etc. Those who “retired” might not have had exposure to that thing called, “internet”, during their employment life. Perhaps not yet thought about using IT for their volunteer group. (apart from email)

So what I am going to do, is some high-level strategies, build and implement. Of course, will put my nose in areas where it does not belong, I can only say that that is what is expected of me.

Just because I want to, and perhaps can. It might be the answer; it might not be, it does not worry me. Maybe it becomes Dayboro 2020 one day. 

I am under no illusion that there will be a great deal of: 

  • Criticism from existing webmasters.
  • Usual personalised attacks from the same crowd, and those who have little or no vision.
  • The organisation (DDPAI) that has the charter will get its nose out of joint. 
  • Support from those I spoke to about this, and those who can visualise, know about strategies and have the best for Dayboro at heart. 

I am just going to have a crack at it.

Let’s see where the story ends. It is something else than the weather :-).

Let the journey begin.

First a picture, that might brighten up the vision a bit. The image below is how I see Dayboro 2020 and provides full consolidation overview. 

Dayboro 2020 Info Consolidation

Dayboro Ideas

I have been toying with the thought, to create an online place where people can go to submit an idea they have for Dayboro, without being “flamed”. 

I discussed this with some other people in Dayboro. So my partner in “crime” and I set out to build something.

 Dayboro Alive

Write about the idea, get it in front of your fellow Dayborians, and see where it leads. Lots of ideas are on Facebook, this social media platform is not for everybody, and ideas get lost, I like to prevent that.

I talked to people around town, some great initiatives and ideas can become a reality, with some help. If we can post the ideas online, people discussing it online, get a vote in and get it done.

This is not suitable for all ideas, just let’s start on ideas that impact the whole town ideally in a positive way. You could say this post, and its content is some of the ideas I have.

An initiative called Dayboro Alive is an example of catering for voting on ideas and get people to support.  It still needs more work to make it a bit easier for less computer experienced users, but we get there. 

As with everything, some initiatives will survive some don’t.

Dayboro Businesses

I was fortunate enough to build and run a business from Dayboro myself. I can imagine how hard things can be for the “Brick and Mortar” and the “radius of travel” limited businesses.

Fortunately, these restrictions did not apply to me. Working behind the “curtains” of some of the local businesses one thing seems to come up.

How do we attract new business and/or walk-ins’?

Attract customers/people to Dayboro.

It is a fact that nobody will travel to Dayboro to buy a bottle of milk. Unless of course, you need milk that is in Dayboro.

I forgot the number of times I had to explain, to the “folks” in Brisbane where Dayboro is. I responded to that by making a small website, and an online business directory back in 2004. It was never intended to be mine, or be managed by me for the longer term, yet here we are 2018 (fourteen years later).

Still, it is not my intention to own for long-term, I get bored with it. I build stuff once it is commoditised I tend to sell it, I do not collect stuff (apart from critique on Facebook pages).

So I am very happy that the Dayboro Lions Club stepped up to take on the Online Version of the Dayboro Business Directory.

Promote Dayboro Businesses.

Several ways of doing that, the most efficient way is a Localised Business directory, social media is not really efficient for outside folks, purely because it is not a collection.

MyDayboro, as it initially was called was doing exactly that, I changed it a while back to still not happy with it though.

It simply did not sit well with me that I could become a competitor of the paper based business directory. I just had to wait for technology to catch up, as it has done now.

The timing is also right.

The online Dayboro & Districts Business Directory and Telephone Guide, now has a good “home” at I am confident that it will grow, get YOUR support and that those who need help from the Dayboro Lions will get it.

I could not be happier with this.

Directory Hand over

What's on in dayboro

Every week, well almost daily, I find new stuff I did not know about (I do have a medical condition that makes not knowing things a lot easier :-)). I might have known it, I just forget stuff….. ehh… where was  I? I do use technology very extensively to “remember things”. I catalog stuff…

You simply will not find stuff about Dayboro , that is not promoted anywhere, unless you are part of the “inner circle” otherwise you simply do not know. The Grapevine is a great tool, to find events and stuff, but it is bigger then my phone. 

People use mobile phones to find stuff, paper is good for recycling. 

Building upon the previous topic, I can see how the businesses in town can benefit from events and stuff that is happening in town. Sure, I understand that not all events are suitable for the wider audience.

All have the following in common.

  • Currently, events posted in one of the many Dayboro Facebook pages. Some events are posted on online forums and webpages like this.
  • Not centralised or advertised, it appears to be a fire and forget approach. If it is not a repetitive event on the same day every week, month or year it simply gets forgotten.
  • No online consolidation.
  • “It is what it is”, volunteers get “tired” of promoting what they do.

So what will happen.

I am just going to build something….. oops done already 🙂. A place where people can submit their event, have it listed and promoted across social media.

Event specific happenings.

Dayboro Day 2018 was the second Dayboro Day that had it’s own website and mobile application. The first application I build for the Dayboro Day was back in 2013. It worked but the technology was not ready yet.

Technology is ready to be used.

The Dayboro Day organisation crowd can now use this web/app over and over again, I’ll write some more about that later. It just shows that it is possible, and that it works.

Dayboro Representation.

This perhaps is my biggest “pet hate”, the lack of structured, communicated, consulted and advocated representation sh.ts me to no end. It also has something to do the way I now a days have to operate. I get lost in things, if there is no structure or things happen ad-hoc I simply get lost.

Ha, ha to the point that I call the missus more often than not to tell me where to go…(yeah I know, I ask her voluntarily… for a change). Anyway.

At the DDPAI, things get discussed behind closed doors, decisions made without consulting the wider community, and I voiced my concerns about that several times.

I have copped a lot of heat about my comments towards this group. (I do not see myself as a victim of that. Just in-case you wondered or posted that again).

If you look from the outside in, instead of inside out I could be mistaken that I can only see a brick wall.

I think there is something is structural, organisational and executable horribly wrong. There is an organisation that is specifically setup for “representation”.


Principal Activity

Most likely by no fault of their own, and perhaps just forced to have the attitude of “What they do not know cannot hurt us”. 

I think it is struggling, for no other reason that it “wants to do it all”. Which is applaud-able, it also causes “burn-out”. Evidence of that became clear to me when helping out a little bit. I realise that there could be a bit more to it than that, like management style, favoritism and the like. You just need to know when it is time to hand over the Presidency. 

Either way, what the exact charter, of the DDPAI group, is, I am not sure about. I have tried to get an idea of what it might be, but been road blocked. This will resolve itself over time, I just have to wait for a little. Looking at previous publications and statements I can only guess.

I do know that when I attended my first DDPAI meeting, things are not well.

Step up or Shut up.

It is quickly becoming one of my favorite mantras. I joined this crowd to become a member so I can vote, well I put the paper work in. It is yet to be decided if I am worthy membership material. The “family” will decide on that I guess, still I am not sure if it is “the thing” for me.

I doubt change is welcomed. I used to get hired to fix things, introduce change where needed. The DDPAI is set in their ways, either due to Management Committee or just the way it is. Time will tell.

Just a quick update, I did get accepted as a member. I have redrawn my membership, the politics, ego’s and pure selfishness of some 2017/2018 committee members made me decide it is not for me. I can do without that, just to confusing and “Walking on egg shells” was never my thing. I wish the DDPAI well.

Either way, it does not matter, as a Resident I like to be kept in the loop on what matters I been represented on. I just keep happily attending the meetings, which you can do without being a member, you just can’t vote on matters you as a resident are represented on.

Pretty much like those other 1570 of the 1600 residents in Dayboro.

Only one way to do that is JOIN.

It is not about doing. (alone)

I believe that this group with all good intentions, might have “rabbit holed”, during the first meeting I attended (everybody is allowed to attend) it became very clear that there is no “strategy”.

Perhaps not even a long term plan. I like to influence that, the only way I can do that is become a member. I believe a strategy (how big or small that might be) needs to be thought about. Nothing big, something simple and understandable.

I know of several examples where professional strategy writers have written one, only to see it shelved or worse fail. We need to prevent that.

I strongly feel that this crowd should be focusing on strategy, being an umbrella and seek help from other volunteer groups for execution of things. Even better hand-off executions or create a working group.

But I babble.. I did mention this objective was one of my “pet hates”.

Open Invitation. 

It is important to me that everybody understands that this is not something I do to come across as a “smart arse”. I started this because I believe there is a need for it. 

I do respect all effort, time and passion that has gone into existing projects and websites. I contacted the major players when they started their online sites.

Some say for them to sustain the site they have to borrow unsecured loans from I asked them to join “forces” build upon what was already there. Unfortunately, everybody (myself included) thinks they can do it better. That is not working. 

So come and talk, let’s make it work together.