Dayboro Rainfall

Dear Dayborians, a bit about the Dayboro Rainfall.

Or should I say the lack there off, oh dear has it been dry or what?

As I drive from Dayboro to Samford, ensuring I stick to the speed limit, I notice the dams going down. They are dropping all so slightly but dropping they are. I see the Facebook posts about the droughts in the west and how bad it is there.

I am also excited to see the new profound Global Warming experts and how everybody, even those who make hemp-clothing, jump on the bandwagon to get hits and clicks on the topic. It is kinda funny. As you all know by now I am not a Global Warming advocate, I did believe in it for a while but then looking at the scientific data (the non “cash for comment” stuff) I changed my mind. More about that later.

First, what is going on with the Dayboro Rainfall?

The statistics for the Rainfall.

Dayboro Rainfall

As you can see, in the above image, we lack a bit of downpour. Unless August is going to be dumping 80mm or rain, we will put another record down of a dry winter. Our average Dayboro Rainfall for winter sits around the 144mm; we are well short of that.

Is this all about global warming?

No, I do not believe that global warming is a myth. It is a revenue stamp, HOWEVER. Climate Change, on the other hand, is very very real. I see the difference due to the way they are used in political and revenue raising events. Global Warming is something that can be considered being climate change. Unfortunately, the term is so widely used without any science backing it. There is good science that supports climate change, and there is ample evidence that climate change happened well before we (humans) roamed the world with or without our cars.

For that reason, I am very very sceptical about using the term Global Warming. We measure the increase in temperatures, but we forget to measure the other end of the spectrum. Which is colder temperatures, there is an exponential increase in colder days and the cold intensity. Happy to have a conversation or discussion about Global Warming, but do me a favour and bring facts not the Al Gore type doom and gloom. (Although he was right about a few things like the rise of the exclusive netent freespins ).

So what is going on with the rain in Dayboro then?

For the last few years, there has been a slight decrease in the rain. This is as a result of the winds not pushing the water towards the centre. Now we are looking at something more serious, it involves the Sun and its sunspots. I can go on and on about how this impacts the weather patterns but NWClimate has a good read up on that. I agree with most of it.

The problem we facing at the moment is the Milankovitch Cycles in simple terms that is the wobble. This wobble is essential as it provides the sun footprint on the earth surface.

Milankovitch Cycles.

Our beautiful soccer ball is currently, tilted in the range middle, give an take 23 Decrees.  This tilt, being the precession is the Earth’s slow wobble as it spins on an axis.

This axial tilt level we are experiencing now is the second of the three Milankovitch Cycles. It is the angle of the Earth in relation to its plane of orbit around the Sun (remember the flashlight experiment).  The wobble aspect, no we will not fall off the globe, occurs in 41,000 odd year cycles.

While we sitting in our lounge chairs, moving from 21.5 to 24.5 degrees sounds like nothing to worry about, like mentioned we sitting at approx 23 degrees pitch.

We need to remember that the wobble, has a significant impact on our seasons, it gives us our seasons. I claimed that here in Australia we have more than four seasons, more about that at a later date. What is intriguing is that since there is a periodic variation of this angle, the severity of the Earth’s seasons changes dramatically.

When the Earth’s pitch, to the sun, is lower, then the Sun’s solar radiation is more evenly distributed between winter and summer. However, less tilt also increases the difference in radiation receipts between the equatorial and polar regions.

With an increase of tilt, the opposite will take place. You can try it at home with a flashlight on a small ball, tilt the torch and you will see that the light (sun) hits the earth differently.  Herein lays the problem.

Now combine this with the reduction of sunspots, e.g. magnetic stuff, gravity stuff, which in return can increase the Volcanic activity, we have some serious shit on our hands. Ok, I am digressing a little, WHAT ABOUT DAYBORO RAINFALL. Let us get back to that.

Should I get a water tank?

The rainfall in Dayboro (or Dayboro rainfall, it is up to you) will be below average. Perhaps, even more, conserning is that I believe we are heading towards another drought, that might take a few years. If you are on town-water then pls do not be complacent and think you will have plenty, as that will not be the case. With the land rooting development like Tullamora estate and the like, it is only a matter of time before shit will happen. Actually more not happen… you need water to flush.

So buy a water tank, the biggest you can afford.

Dayboro Rainfall predictions, taking the big Boys like BOM into consideration.

  • August, normal as per average
  • September, normal as per average
  • October, below average
  • November, below average
  • December, average.

My gut feeling… it spikes. We will get more water in shorter periods of time, making the averages. I think we might see thunderstorms popping up dropping 100mm, which in theory will make up the average. I also believe that we are heading towards a prolonged drought, a bit like the Federation Drought (look it up). I am worried.