Dayboro town of yesteryear or is it?

Town of yesteryear or is it?

Dayboro was named after a farmer called Hugh Hamilton. The first name, for the Dayboro Town, was Hamilton. Not even close to what the name is now. It is only a matter of time until the town of yesteryear is going to be swallowed up by the “Big Smoke” Brisbane.

So how did the District get its name?

According to the history “books”, the town was named after a farmer, Hugh Hamilton. Mr Hamilton who was one of the first, if not the first, appointed Receiving Officer for mail in 1875.

Which pretty much meant that he would get all the mail and distribute it to the residents. Hamilton in those days.

It did not stop there, more steps before the final name

In 1892, the now known “town of yesteryear” became known as Terrors Creek. This name was not because of the creek was a terror to cross.

No, it was because of a horse, of all things. Legend has it that there used to be a grey Arab stallion, whose name was the inspiration to the title.

Things have not changed.

Still today the workings of town are as they were in the days dating back to 1917. People always want change, because they can. Not necessary for progress. So here comes the Postmaster General. Who figured that Terrors Creek sounded too much like Torrens Creek.

No idea why that is an issue, nevertheless the name required changing.

Here it comes the final push.

Dayboro it is, it is a noble name, it not pronounced the way you write it though. People call it Daybara.  Yes, I am as confused as you are.

So where did the name come from, you might ask. Like I mentioned it is a noble name. The name comes from, the name of an early settler, William H Day.

Mr Day was a Clerk of Petty Sessions and later found employment in Brisbane Police Magistrate. He first selected land in the district, to try sugar growing.

Around the 1860s, as it is said, he had a lot of properties to try it on, as it turned out his experiments did not succeed.

Looking at the climate, see dayboro weather, you can understand why.

The town of YesterYear is fading.

As the Town grows, it starts to lose its history. Old houses are relocated or demolished. New “bumper to bumper” development moves in. It is progress, without boundaries (pun intended).

The latest census data shows that there are 2119 residents, made up 48.7% Male and 51.3% Female a reasonable even split I guess.

Not that it matters. There is a small problem though. We are not an agriculture town anymore, there is little or no harvest. The dairy farmers are almost gone and the bulk of residents work out-off-town.

If you do a quick search in the DayboroDirectory you can see that the paradigm shifts towards tourism.

The bed and breakfast, and accommodations are on the increase in the Dayboro District.

Dayboro 2016 Census of the Town of Yesteryear.

What does this mean for local businesses.

Our town at least one coffee shop per 100 families.

There are several like the Mill Creek and the Storeroom, there are some others but they just serve well coffee.  If we do not watch out, the town will lose its uniqueness. We will become just another suburb of Brisbane, or even worse a ghost town.

Public transport has stopped, Brisbane Bus Service does not see it as an ethical obligation to run a service so they stopped it.

Unless you have a car or get a lot of money through payday fast loans, you have no real means of traveling outside Dayboro.

Just as well that we have coffee shops close by.

All is not lost, we still can try to keep the town of yesteryear credo, there is still room for Dayboro to be unique and true to its roots.

Here is how:

  • Ensure the township houses remain and are re purposed.
  • Have the Dayboro Day, and make it about Dayboro no the cheap imports.
  • Create touristy things, like dog training to watch, have people come to town for it.
  • Make it a destination, either by having specialty stores.
  • Create things to visit, like the Dayboro Art Gallery, just to name a few.

Either way time for the Dayboro District Progress Association Incorporated to “pull their finger out” and get cracking. Perhaps implement Dayboro 2020,

I can hear the management committee 2017/2018 scream in a distance.

What would real estate agents do in Dayboro?

As it so happens we have, on the last count, four real estate agents. Craig Doyle, Ray White, Belle and Me. They are pretty much in the same street, some are more popular than others. I particular like the one in the center of Town, it really stands out in the street. This is Ray White, they used their location with a smile. It is the fnd detail that stands out and puts them on the map.

In the centre of their garden they put a watering can, it is a nice feature to the normal dull real estate fronts.

It invites you in (well I think so) it makes you feel at home and invites you to view the prices of the real estate and properties they have hanging in their bay windows. If you’re an upcoming real estate agent you should try learning some financial strategies like best forex strategy pdf.

Either way, if you want to move to Dayboro and be part of the Yesteryear town, I have to invite you to contact one of the above mentioned realestates. Drive into our village and you will see the signs, you can’t miss them.

Dayboro town of yesteryear or is it?
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