Dayboro Youth

Dayboro Youth

A little while back a member of the Dayboro and Surrounds Chit-Chat forum posted.

“Ok, having posted a dubiously amusing post about teenagers in D’boro, I am wondering – have we maybe hit on something? I know there has been a good deal of head scratching going on communally about what we might offer our young people to keep them engaged, out of trouble and connected.

As a community that boasts many MANY talented and skilled people, might we look at engaging our youth by equipping and up-skilling them while passing down critical knowledge?

For example:
Would any auto mechanics in the are consider hosting a weekly event to teach our teens about auto mechanics?

What about people skilled in art, cooking, animal husbandry, motorcycles, landscaping, knitting, administration, retail, skate boarding, academic enrichment, science, police sciences, gaming, horticulture etc etc etc.

Are there people in our community who would be inclined to help develop “clubs” and programs to engage our youth?

I do this for a living, and would be happy to contribute.

Would anyone be interested in meeting up to brainstorm this here in D’boro?”

What next?

Since then a few posts occurred on the Facebook page a meeting was held and it looks like the initiative is off the ground.


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