Dayboroinfo the Dayboro Website.

Well, not quite yet, we working on it. For a long time there has been a need for a central location to find all the information you need about this town. Especially what there is to do, where to find things and most of all how to get help to get things started.


The community portal history

What is it about, is it about Dayboro or is it about Dayboroinfo?   Therein lies the problem,  to make it easy it is about BOTH really,  more critical Dayboroinfo the Dayboro Website is for YOU.

For a while now I tried to answer the questions such as:

  • Where can I find the important stuff in one place?
  • Why are there so many “stale” websites?
  • Who is doing all of this?

I guess it is my background or curiosity. Involved in science, forensic research, business architecture and information architecture (all the TOGAF segments really). It was part of my job to be curious, questioning everything and take nothing on face value.

Most if not ALL websites are volunteer sites. I do not judge them I question them. Often people mistake that for judging, not everybody likes questions. I love them.

I always had a knack for computers. I use them, as “a coffee-cup to move the coffee from the coffee machine to your mouth”.

With that in mind, I wanted to put all the information about Dayboro, into one easy to navigate spot. Something like a Dayborinfo website to be THE dayboro website.

I build it. I think it can help others in the long run.

Dayboro info the dayboro website evolution.

Welcome to Dayboro, Daybra, “Paradise” 2004

Welcome to Dayboro in 2004

2004 was the year, when we settled in Dayboro, only a “little while ago” according to some of the residents. When I arrived, I contact the Dayboro Districts Progress Association Inc. (DDPAI) if I could help them. I have a history of volunteering, especially in the emergency services. I hoped to do something in the volunteering space here in Dayboro.

I attended the DDPAI management meeting. I only talked to the management committee, introduced myself and received an icy reception. Explained my history and what I can bring to the “table”. Every suggestion got the same answer: “No, we don’t do it like that in Dayboro”, no need for something like Dayboroinfo the Dayboro Website.

You can volunteer your time if you pay 5 dollars. You must be a member and pay membership before you can help. They do not like newcomers in Dayboro to much. To become part of the Dayboro fabric, you have to wait for 25yrs before you allowed in :-). (that is the standing joke at the moment anyway).

A lot has changed since 2004

Times have changed, and the DDPAI members have changed, so have I.
We did some work for DDPAI in 2013, helping with their logo and their Dayboro Day. We even build a Mobile application, it had all the advertisers together with and what events for the day.

In 2018 we build (, for FREE. My daughter even volunteered her time for photographs and gave all the digital copies for free to the DDPAI. 

Let start with the Dayboro Weather

As the time progressed I started collecting weather data in April 2004, some might know Lyndhurst Hill Weather station, which became

There were no online weather stations, in 2004, like we have now. Even the BOM was relatively “pre-historic” compared to now (2016).

The weather station is still bubbling along, it does not get the attention it deserves, but it is still here.

Still, something was missing a business directory that is available online.  The idea for dayboroinfo continued bubbling in the background.

Moving from paper, to online information

In 2004, I also started an online business directory, very basic in PHP and very labour intensive. At the same time APEX Dayboro Business directory, also affectionately called “dayboro blue book”.

I did (and still do) not want to compete with that initiative, so I had to do something different. The concept of an online guided business directory is the way forward.

I started the site as, and it has been like that for a long while.  Till, the usual crowd, complained and sang about it, that I assumed Dayboro is mine. (sigh)

In the meantime, the APEX due to dwindling membership numbers folded in Dayboro. Dayboro APEX handed the batton to the Dayboro Lions, who now are the “custodians” of the Blue Book.

More of the same reallyDayboro Business Directory

Not another one again.

Since 2004 I have seen several business directories come and go. Unfortunately, the same applies to local businesses. Dayboro Business owners cannot change their information, once the listing is out there and not maintained it is there to stay.

Innocent people get calls from strangers asking about services that no longer are available on the listed number.

Business owners are open to wrong, incorrect and out to date online information. Rember that no information is better than wrong information.

Dayboroinfo the Dayboro Website, a need.

There are several examples of outdated business listings, even the website run and maintained by the Dayboro District Progres Association contains obsolete information. More reason to do something like dayboroinfo make it the dayboro website

Funny enough I tried to get my details listed at the DDPAI site, having a Dayboro based business, but they do not want to do that for whatever reason.

It appears that our business (not the directory) is not significant enough, nor the dayboroinfo the dayboro website. Purely for political reasons, the DDPAI managment committee does not like objections or other ideas. It is a club run by a few families, people are voted into positions only if they can be “controlled” by the original folks that started the DDPAI. It is a very political loaded organisation.

People have resigned from positions merely because of the verbal abuse or threats from founding members. I received emails from people not to mention their names as they are affraid of retribution. How sad is that. No I do not make that up, I have the emails.  Needless to say I that I do not believe that the DDPAI has a fair and unbiased view.

It does not stop there, it get’s better.

I received an email from the original owner of that I should stop publishing weather information because he had that covered, and I should stop running immediately…..

Well there you have it, we had a good chuckle about that here in the office.

As time progresses, the owner of moved to SA or left Dayboro, all information was still online, and businesses that no longer were trading were still listed.

Most of those businesses are one-man(or woman)-band type setups, and they used their private mobile numbers as contact numbers. Needless to say that they got calls they did no longer want.

I got emails from some of those business owners, but there was nothing I could do. In the end, I made contact with the owner of to transfer the domain to me so I could at least fix it. Getting “ownership” caused a few ripples and was costly, it fast became a question of did I want too many payday loans? In the end, I just waited for the domain name to expire. I then bought it and cleaned it up.

Let’s move on….

Dayboroinfo the, a ride it is.

I was never happy with the layout of the original site. It was too hard for people to change their listings. So we build a new site that is in front of you now. dayboroinfo the dayboro website, it is what it is.

I also believed that the Online Business Directory should belong to the Dayboro Lions, they manage the paper-based version. What better to have both of them done by ONE group. The time was not right till 2018.


There are again other sites around that do the same. Out of the “blue”, we received some calls from some of our customers in Dayboro and listed businesses, asking why to register a second time.  What is this other Dayboro directory site? I looked into it and found out that dayboro[dot]com, bluntly copied the listings from our site into his.

Even using email addresses and phone numbers to poach business owners.

I guess the quickest way to get listings is to use an existing site to grab all the details… It works that is how the internet works.

Why not work together?

I contacted RM and asked what the “plan” was. I questioned why not work together. RM was not interested, quoting that he could make 10 thousand dollars or more using GOOGLE advertising alone. I wished him good luck.

Since then, dayboro[dot]com mentioned it a copy site, copied listings and information from other sites without permission or references. It is sad, a Facebook user confused it with, but since apologised to me :-).

So here we are in 2017, let’s see what this year brings.

For now, enjoy the ride, visit the fantastic businesses that makeup Dayboro, enjoy the historic walk and more so. Buy local, and keep an eye on Dayboro Buzz facebook page.


Sure this all sounds a bit “negative”, reason being is that it sparks the others to do better. I hope to the point that this site and its content is no longer needed for Dayboro.

Who knows this site dayboroinfo the dayboro website, might become redundant. Perhaps the DDPAI will step up to the plate and get something consolidated.

Enter the year 2017

We added Dayboro Alive to the site, to capture ideas that people might have to improve or to create more activities in Dayboro.

The ‘other’ Dayboro business directory is still going strong, which is good. You can never have enough promotion.

Enter the year 2018 for Dayboroinfo the dayboro website.

2018 We started with a BANG.

Dayboro Alive is working. Danielle Latta started an excellent initiative Dayboro Open Nights.

This year I will focus more on getting some ideas and suggestions going on how to get the DDPAI or similar organisation involved.


Dayboroinfo the Dayboro Website at best can be a wheel, where Dayboroinfo is in the middle. All other sites have links to and from to

Have one starting place for all information. It is not the ONLY starting place. The visitors still can go to the all other sites directly.

That sums it up?

  • 2004 Dayboro Weather online website to report weather in real-time.
  • Mid 2004 the Dayboro Online Business Directory.
  • 2010 trailing an online events portal.
  • 2013 the first Dayboro Day online webpage and mobile application.
  • 2014 first stable events portal, business directory and automatic posting to Social Media services.
  • 2014 another business directory started, by someone else. That directory stopped working after 2015
  • 2016 is for RM to start another dayboro business directory… Yup another one, even after consulting with RM and trying to combine what we already had. He decided to do his own thing.
  • 2018 started DayboroAlive. Another spoke in the wheel to inform Dayborians. The site allows for discussing and raising ideas. Things to do to BRING DAYBORO ALIVE. A few initiatives listed as ideas have already matured into events.
  • 2018 handed the Dayboro Directory to the Dayboro Lions with the commitment to help them to grow it, build it, maintain it and pay for all the cost till 2020. We will see what we do after that.
  • Dayboroinfo, the dayboro website, will continue to grow, I keep doing what I do. It is more a hobby, and I do it for health reasons.
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