Where are dayboro events?

Where are dayboro events?

Where are Dayboro events, the events for surrounding area clubs, and the local Dayboro businesses organise events?
Promoting your event online and in print is the only way to have successful events. People in Dayboro and surrounding areas, and further away like Brisbane, only know about what is going on in Dayboro if you TELL them.

Let’s have a look at how we can fix that. 

Dayboro Events will help with that.

The Grapevine publishes events, and by the word of mouth.  More recent Facebook, and the Dayboro Chit Chat page. Social media and print advertising is a great start, but not everybody is using Facebook or reads the Grapevine. I can see a problem with how events are promoted at the moment, let us have a look:

  • Facebook public pages, not everybody is on Facebook. More people actually leaving Facebook altogether.
  • Private or closed Facebook pages, you must become a member before you can read the posts.
  • Publication on your OWN webpage, it is limited to be found, unless you rank really well.
  • In the Grapevine, this is the local newspaper. It is a fantastic source of local information.
  • Word of Mouth, like the old “bush telegraph”, limited to those who in the “inner circle” 🙂

It is clear that there is a need to have events published centrally, dayboroinfo.com.au is trying to satisfy that need since 2004. Other initiatives started since then, let’s have a LOOK.

The Historical Society Dayboro Events whiteboard.

It is a good idea to keep track of all the Dayboro events in one place, as long as it is accessible. A whiteboard in a building is a good start, yet it is not in view for those who organise events. Unless you go into the Historical Society Building, you have no way to view it.

Events that take place in Dayboro should be (if approved by organisers) available for all to see, online and in print. Ideally, we have an events calendar that is online and up-to-date (look for “acls training near me“).

When you plan an event, you can see if there is another event in the making, it is a trustworthy source. A single source of truth for the events in Dayboro. One place that answers the question Where are Dayboro Events? Keep reading… I will answer that question soon.

Dayboro histrical society whiteboard example.


No detailed information.

The whiteboard can only hold so much information before you know it the whiteboard turns into a hieroglyph only a select few can understand. It very quickly becomes, not only hard to manage, also hard to find.

Not everybody lives in Dayboro.

Not everybody lives in Dayboro, I know it is hard to believe, it is true though. If you want to attract visitors from outside Dayboro, you MUST publish your events online.

Where are Dayboro Events in one place?

Right HERE, you came to the “online hub” for Dayboro.

Where are Dayboro Events? They are right HERE.
The focus is on transparency and promotion, Dayboro events will not organise events, it promotes them.


Upcoming Events

November 2018
13 November 2018
Dayboro Mobile Library Van, Railway Street
Dayboro, Queensland 4521 Australia
+ Google Map

Mobile Library will roll into Dayboro today.

Moreton Bay Regional Council, an integral part of the community

Mobile library is in Dayboro today....

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13 November 2018
Dayboro Community Hall, Bradley St
Dayboro, qld 4521 Australia
+ Google Map
12.50 – 18

Well Woman Yoga

Well Women Yoga with Laurina Kersten

  Hello Women of Dayboro, recently there have been posts asking about yoga so I thought I would let you all know what I offer. Every Tuesday evening from 6:30-8pm I have a candlelit class at the Dayboro Community Hall. Every woman is welcome regardless of experience, flexibility or size - you will be welcomed ... Read moreWell Woman Yoga

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14 November 2018
Dayboro, Dayboro, Queensland 4521 Australia + Google Map

Both Bins Today

Both kerbside bins will require movement to the kerbsite in Dayboro

Both bins today folks. Dayboro Waste collection is not really an exact science but a science it is :-). For more information about: What goes into a garbage bin Where to put the bin in relation to the road What you should NOT put in the bin. Check out the Moreton Bay Council Website.   

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14 November 2018
Jacks Place, 135 McKenzie Street
Dayboro, qld 4521 Australia
+ Google Map

Groove the most creative workout

Dayboro Groove

I'm really excited to be bringing GROOVE to Dayboro every Wednesday night starting this Wednesday the 12th September 2018 at Jack's Place, St Francis Catholic Church, 135 McKenzie Street, Dayboro fro 6:30pm to 7:30pm. This is a 16+ only class and costs $10 per person. GROOVE is the easiest dance/fitness class in the whole world ... Read moreGroove the most creative workout

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16 November 2018
Jacks Place, 135 McKenzie Street
Dayboro, qld 4521 Australia
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Dayboro Conversation Club

Dayboro Conversatin Club

This Club is for SENIORS from Dayboro and the immediate surrounding local area. Join us and enjoy lots of discussion about music, food and travel and fun and laughter with old and new friends.

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